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Greg MacDonald and Cassie Cove joined forces in late 2020 to bring together their innovative ideas through the creation of Align Home Design. They have both been valued contributors to the ever-changing skyline of Edmonton and surrounding areas over the years. Cassie and Greg both obtained their 3 year, Architectural Technologist diplomas in 2012 and have been in the industry ever since.

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Co-Founder/ Residential Designer

Greg brings a great mixture of experience to the team, both in the design and the hands-on construction aspects of the industry. He is an honors graduate and recipient of educational and building awards throughout his career. Clients appreciate his attention to detail because he outlines multiple facets of the project in an easy to understand manner. Greg also has an in-depth understanding of mechanical and electrical codes, which is a great asset to any project as it enhances the entire management and workflow process. Let Greg guide you through all of the aspects of the design process.

Let's get personal!

Greg is the proud father of three young children. He moved to Edmonton in 2013 for professional reasons and stayed for personal ones, as he met his wife here shortly after moving. This is where they've chosen to settle down, as they love Edmonton's kind-hearted people, beautiful river valley, numerous dog parks, and access to the mountains, parks, and natural areas of Alberta.

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Co-Founder/ Residential Designer

Cassie brings years of custom home design experience to the team. She has spent the majority of her career working in design firms, much like Align Home Design. Cassie has a number of local award-winning designs under her belt and aspires to add to that. She brilliantly balances her designs between practical functionality and sheer beauty. Let Cassie guide you through all of the steps of the design process.

Let's get personal!

Cassie fell in love with Architecture at an early age. Being a home designer has always been an ideal career for her and she couldn't be happier helping her clients design their homes. She loves the challenges that come with the job and the ever-changing trends and design styles.

Cassie has been living in Edmonton since 2014. She quickly realized that Edmonton was a city she loved and couldn't wait to start putting her creative stamp on the ever-changing residential streets. She lives in South-West Edmonton with her long term boyfriend and dog, Cooper.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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