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Custom Home Design or Stock plan

Infill Design

// New buildings constructed in the space available between existing structures //

Infill can come in many shapes and sizes and the planning and design starts solely based on your size of lot. Edmonton and all across Alberta has become a very popular area to build infill homes. Infill is all about bringing new revitalized homes to the more mature neighborhoods of our city.

Align Home Design has stock plans on hand for standard lot sizes, as well as the ability to take your creativity and ours and create a completely custom dream home for you or your client.



// A tract of land surveyed and divided into lots for purposes of sale and new construction build //

These home designs are situated in new construction subdivisions that are scattered in Edmonton typically starting around the Anthony Henday and outwards towards the outskirts of the city.

These subdivisions all have hired an Residential control consultant, which has come up with a package of rules for the exterior design of your home. If you are choosing to design a home in a subdivision, keep in mind that you will be limited to the exterior design styles, the exterior colors of finishes and will be subject to getting approval from this consultant before you are able to start your build.

Acreage Design

 // A large piece of land, usually on the outskirts of town, or out of town. //

Choosing to design a home for this type of property gives you the most freedom to do what you want. Unless part of an acreage subdivision, you are typically not limited by many rules.

Net Zero Design

// Producing enough energy (as through solar panels or passive heating) to offset any energy consumed. //

Net Zero Design is becoming a very popular request. It allows the homeowner to offset utility costs for the majority of the year and feel good about their carbon footprint. 

Net Zero Design and builds are a very detail-oriented process. Align Home design is able to provide all the special construction details and notes on your plans to ensure a successful build. 

The most important part of ensuring that you are getting a true net-zero home is to find a builder with experience in building net-zero, or a builder who is willing to do their research and put in the extra work and details to ensure a successful net-zero home.


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